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We worked with J and L construction to rebuild their website from the ground up and drive traffic to their site with effective SEO and digital ad marketing.


J and L Construction


Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing


August 1, 2022

J and L Construction is a growing company that has a website that needs to be redesigned in order to accommodate increased traffic and conversions. The current website was designed several years ago, and it's not being optimized for search engines or digital marketing.

The redesign will include:

-A complete redesign of the website, which will include responsive design (so it looks good on all devices) and improved user experience.

-Search engine optimization (SEO), so that when people search for J and L Construction, their site will come up near the top of the list on Google and other search engines.

-Digital marketing, including paid advertising campaigns on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, etc., as well as other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

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